Growth Acceleration

I help companies grow fast.

It's not hard to grow a business if you start small and go slow.
But it is difficult to grow fast without the right
people, the right
product and the right amount of capital, properly aimed at the

Many organizations are satisfied with a growth rate of 25% to
50% a year.  For ten of the last twelve years of my career, I
have been working with companies whose business grew in
excess of 100% a year, every year.  These are the situations
that I seek out and enjoy the most.
If I were a product, this would be my "Elevator Pitch"

For technology companies that want to rapidly accelerate their growth, Dan Tiernan is a seasoned executive that
blends strategic insight with focused execution based on a deep understanding of marketing, sales, product
development and services.  Over the past twenty years Dan has progressed in his career from Developer to
Consultant to Sales Rep to Founder to VP of Services to CEO.  His progression through the ranks, and across
functions has enabled him to develop a unique understanding of the keys to success in driving high growth
technology companies.   Dan is equally capable of defining the path to growth and leading the team down that path
with a clear vision of what lies ahead and an understanding of what it takes to get there.

Dan is currently the Chief Operating Officer for GL TRADE Capital Markets Solutions, a software company in the
financial services sector.
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Dan Tiernan
High Growth Tech-Exec
Career Highlights

  • Created $10 million Software Company from scratch with two co-founders.
  • Raised over $40 million in capital for two venture-backed startups.
  • Led companies that acquired market leading customers that included Wal-Mart, HP, IKEA, and
  • Led companies that formed strategic relationships with market leaders that included J.D. Edwards,
    BearingPoint, Taleo, Hewitt and BEA.
  • Developed relationships with leading analysts at AMR, Gartner Group, Forrester and Aberdeen Group.
  • Achieved company-leading 240% of quota in first year of sales as the youngest Sales Director at Accenture
  • Self-funded entire college Education via co-op job with IBM, loans and credit card debt.